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Launched by HRH Prince Charles in 2007, the Eco-Rally is a mobile motor-show and digital service demonstrating the world’s most advanced green vehicles & transport services in action.

General Description:  The annual Eco-Rally by Revolve utilises high-profile locations and celebrity drivers, to showcase the best present and future transport to members of the public who may not otherwise be aware of its existence. You can expect to see all kinds of green machines: bicycles, pedelecs & rickshaws, bikes, superminis, family cars, taxis, sports-carslimousines, vans, lorries and even SUVs!


Revolve is an independent cleantech consultancy based in London UK, with a mission to accelerate the market for efficient and sustainable transport technologies, fuels and services through high profile events. We produce The Annual Eco-Rally and static events like the Green Motor Expo".

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Meet the Mio Cyclo 305 HC: the easy-to-use, rugged bicycle navigation device for anyone who enjoys cycling and likes to keep track of their performances. Measure time, speed, distance, height, calorie consumption and more.

Driving the Future - Oliver Heath reviews the Vauxhall Ampera

As an eco designer it won’t come as a surprise that I'm no petrol head motoring journalist but I have had the chance to drive a number of pure electric cars over the years - many with varying degrees of success and just a little anxiety.


The following guide explains the visions, aims and principles of the various behaviour changes and propulsion technologies currently being developed to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels, cut congestion and reduce emissions in the hope of a better quality of life.

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Products recommended by Revolve plus the guest drivers & organisations featured in the annual Eco-Rally. Shop powered by Amazon

Should the UK speed limit be 80mph?: