GlideX 2020 wins Bridgestone Eco-Rally 2010 Innovation Award

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This concept is a fuel-cell electric vehicle intended for Chinese citizens in the year 2020. The vehicle encourages first time car owners drive efficiently through physical and virtual assistance and feedback.

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The concept introduces the largest population group in the world to car ownership in a thrilling, yet educational way - encouraging a sustainable driving mentality to emerge in China.
Rui Guo, vehicle designer, Royal College of Art

Newly graduated vehicle designer Rui Guo was awarded the Bridgestone Eco-Rally Design & Innovation Awardby F1's Patrick Head for his final-year project. The project consists of a concept vehicle, transport system and public awareness campaign - with the vision of ensuring a 3-person Chinese family's first car-driving experience is zero emission and educational. Like the ENV concept bike, the fuel cell battery pack is removable, allowing it to be used as a portable power supply.

2010 has been a good year for Rui as he won the Better Place Hands Free Design Challenge. His internship at General Motors inspired the fuel cell elements of this concept. GM aims to be the first car maker to sell a million fuel-cell vehicles.

Of all the entries, Rui's concept has the most synergy with the Eco-Rally, i.e. hands-on interaction with zero emission technology in a fun, practical and accessible way.

Royal College of Art
Glidex 2020
CO2 (g/km from tailpipe): 
Noise at city speed: 
Max Range: 
Fill-up time: 
< 5 mins
Top-up time: 
<5 mins
City speed: 
Seats (adult size): 
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2010 Bridgestone Eco-Rally
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