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Phil Reay-Smith is Daybreak's Consumer Editor, where he reports on consumer news and delivers long-term investigations and exclusives. Before joining Daybreak, Phil was News Correspondent for ITV News. In addition, Phil covered a wide range of consumer stories, including the union strike action, the volcanic ash cloud, organic food and the dangers of sunbeds. Phil also covered the Boxing Day Tsunami and became the first British journalist to cross into Iraqi territory.

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  • ITV Daybreak
    ITV Daybreak
    Daybreak is ITV's weekday breakfast television programme with an audience of ~800,000 featuring news, weather and entertainment stories interspersed with celebrity interviews, competitions, consumer and health items and news reports from the regions. ITV and Meridian have regularly covered the Eco-Rally since it began in 2007.
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Eco-Rally Guest Driver
1st Leg Test Drives: 

2011 Bridgestone Eco-Rally

  • Product image
    Lotus Exige Tri-fuel - the 'omnivore' of the 2011 Bridgestone Eco-Rally

    The Exige 270E Tri-fuel, could be the forefather of a new generation of conventionally driven cars that have the potential to be environmentally-neutral. It is the most powerful road version yet of the Exige and it runs on any mixture of gasoline, methanol and bio-ethanol. For the Oxford to...

2nd Leg Test Drives: 

2011 Bridgestone Eco-Rally

  • Product image
    Biobug - The 'people-powered' car (aka 'Dung Beetle')

    The Bio-Bug runs on methane gas generated during the sewage treatment process. Waste flushed down the toilets of just 70 homes in Bristol is enough to power the Bio-Bug for a year, based on an annual mileage of 10,000 miles.

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