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In late 2010, the Mayor of Barcelona announced his vision for the city centre to become CO2 and emissions free within four years. A joint project was formed under Cluster Moto with support from the Catalan administration and in collaboration with Barca University. The result is the MIUS electric scooter by Rieju - an alternative for individual lightweight transport. The Rieju MIUS (pronounced 'my us') is one of the most efficient, functional and green urban scooters available for personal or fleet use.

A selection of car and motorcycle parts, accessories and gifts to help you save fuel and/or improve your journeys. The links below will take you the product page on where you can complete your purchase in the normal way.

A wide range of carefully selected toys and model cars related to the Eco-Rally. There are model racing versions of the Eco-Rally cars and fascinating educational toys to help you and your child to understand future energy generation and propulsion.

Here you will find a range of carefully selected films, documentaries and TV shows related to the Eco-Rally participants which are currently available on / LOVEFiLM.

Driving the Future - Oliver Heath reviews the Vauxhall Ampera

As an eco designer it won’t come as a surprise that I'm no petrol head motoring journalist but I have had the chance to drive a number of pure electric cars over the years - many with varying degrees of success and just a little anxiety.

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Chargemaster will be displaying their POLAR charging point at the 2012 Eco-Rally start line. All the electric entrants in this year's Eco-Rally will make use of existing charging points around Oxford in preparation for the 65 mile trip to London. The growing network of charging points will give Oxford one of the highest densities of charging points anywhere in Europe, courtesy of the POLAR network. All of these sites will soon provide the ability to fast charge suitably equipped cars at a rate over twice as fast as standard charging. POLAR is the UK’s national, privately-funded, electric car charging infrastructure expected to cover the 100 largest towns and cities across the country in the near future.

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POD Point is Europe’s leading supplier of electric vehicle charging hardware and software, and has supplied over 3,000 charge points for public, home and workplace use to date. POD Point has just announced the launch of the largest UK PAYG charging network.

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Spain's green racing pioneers Quimera Responsible Racing and the UK's Alex Letteriello and his small team at Evelio have joined forces to develop an all-electric drift-racer. The AEDC (aka K1 Evelio) is capable of quietly speeding from zero to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in just 3.2 seconds, has an average range of 150 miles (241.4 km) per charge and is expected to reach speeds of 170 mph (273.5 km/h). Powertrain can be ramped up to 250kW. The vehicle complies with all sanctioned safety regulations.


Andreas Schamel was appointed Managing Director of the European Ford Research Center based in Aachen, Germany, as well as Chief Engineer Powertrain Research & Advanced Engineering Europe, effective 1st February 2009.


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