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For over thirty years, the Alto has been one of the most environmentally friendly petrol-powered family cars on the market. Autocar summed it up as; “a small car which does all the things very small cars used to do simply, honestly, without frills and with lots of interactivity."

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The Suzuki Alto has reached the 31st year of an illustrious history that began with its first-generation launch in May 1979. With aggregate worldwide sales of 10 million units in 132 countries, the low mpg and CO2 emissions of the new Alto are especially significant.

The first-generation Alto was based on a concept of creating a car that was easy for women to control, and it went on the market during a slump in mini-vehicle demand in the late '70s. It broke the mini-vehicle mould, drove Alto sales far beyond Suzuki’s original monthly target and established the Alto as Suzuki’s top-selling model.

Suzuki's strong racing heritage, makes them experts in lightweight construction. In contrast to another legendary Suzuki product - the immensely powerful Hayabusa (GSX1300R) - the Alto's engine is 25% smaller than that of the monster motorcycle, but more than capable of getting a small family from A to B quickly and efficiently. Insurance will be a lot less too!

Imperial College London chose the lightweight, spacious frame of the Suzuki Hayabusa as the base for their electric racing bike which will ride alongside the Alto in the green convoy form Brighton to London.

CO2 (g/km from tailpipe): 
Noise at city speed: 
Sound at low speed: 
Fill-up time: 
< 5 mins
Top-up time: 
<5 mins
64 (combined)
City speed: 
Top speed: 
Seats (adult size): 
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2010 Bridgestone Eco-Rally
  • Peter Pans Playground, Brighton,
  • Kensington Gardens, London,
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