What's the route?


The Eco-Rally represents a real-world journey. The route varies from year to year, but always includes famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Oxford University, Brighton Pier, The Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, London City Hall and Tower Bridge. In the past, we flippd the Veteran Car Run on it's head by driving future cars from the coast to the capital (Brighton to London). Currently the route is from Oxford to London (see details here). We have big plans for future events and would love to hear your suggestions.



2012 - Oxford University to the centre of London
2011 - Oxford University to Buckingham Palace via BRE Innovation Park (75mi)
2011 - Ace Cafe London to Buckingham Palace (inner-city option 10mi)
2010 - Brighton to London's Hyde Park via Westminster Bridge Park Plaza (65mi)
2010 - Ace Cafe London to Hyde Park (inner-city option 10mi)
2009 - Brighton to London City Hall via Sainsbury's Greenwich eco-store (78mi)
2008 - Bighton to Clapham Bandstand via commuter-belt and biofuel country (72 mi)
2007 - Brighton to Trafalgar Square via Croydon's biggest shopping precinct (55mi)

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